PhoneCo brings together National & International expertise and the latest technology, helping to meet the growing demands of our customers.

We have taken a honest approach to how we partner. Combining the latest technologies, knowledge, experience and innovation from the industry, we strive to deliver world class reliability and security, whilst exceeding our customer expectations.

Supply and support agreements with key partners allows Phoneco to expand our technology offerings, whilst ensuring long-term access to the latest products, technologies and services. We can draw from the knowledge and innovation our partners offer, to bring customers world class products.

PhoneCo offers long-term viability and support for customer networks . Equipment is fully supported end-to-end from installation to commissioning and for the life of the network.

PhoneCo believe from a business perspective, extensibility is a vital element in any partnership because both your partner’s and your ability to extend resources can mean freedom for employees to innovate new products, customer engagement strategies, and more. A valuable partnership should be capable of sharing resources and adapting over time.

Honesty and transparency our watchwords. Establishing a successful partnership and ensuring it can grow are essential, but they don’t guarantee that you will succeed. Long-term success also requires honesty and transparency from both partners. That means maintaining open and frequent communication as well as personal interaction as often as possible.

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