Phoneco Provides a large range of services to help with all your telecmmunication needs. For any further information you can contact us via e-mail or call us on 1300 661 336
Alcatel Repairs
24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Call us on 1300 661 336
or 0427 827 469 after hours
LG Repairs
24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Call us on 1300 661 336
or 0427 827 469 after hours
Electrical Data and Cabling

At Phoneco we specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of voice, data, cabling and electrical installations.

We offer a wide range of services including data cabling, fibre optic installations, telecom installations, electrical installations, moves and changes. Our experienced, dedicated and licensed installers provide a complete service between electrical and communications works, saving you both time and money on multiple installation contracts.

Whatever the cabling requirements you need, we have the capability and expertise to complete any Installation/Relocation from start to finish quickly, with a minimal impact on your day to day business activities.

Moving Business
Whether you're moving into new business premises, or you just want to add extra lines or service where you are, Telstra is here to help. Fixed phone lines are the key to your calls, conferencing, faxing, internet, email, EFTPOS and more.

We can help you with
So please call us when you’re ready to discuss your requirements, and we’ll help you work out
the best solution.

Booking a Service
If you require a qualified technician to attend your site, please provide us via our e-mail the details of your problem and one of our service advisors will be in contact with you shortly.
Telstra Business Systems
Telstra's advanced telephony solutions mean you won't miss calls or potential new business. A fully featured telephone system configured to meet a range of telephony needs today, as well as having the ability to expand in the future. Telstra has aligned with some of the finest Telephone system manufacturers in the world.
Telstra Fixed Voice Solutions
As a Telstra Dealer communications are authorised to provide your company with a range of Telstra FixedNet products and call plans, including organising the connection of new Telstra services and the relocation or diversion of existing Telstra services. As a Telstra dealer we can provide you with the right advice on Telstra products that will suit your business requirements and we will liaise with Telstra on your behalf to organise the appropriate services.

Some of the products available include:
Telephone System Services
Communications technical staff can provide technical support, service and maintenance on your telephone system to make sure it is always operating at it's best. From fault rectification, to programming changes, system expansions and relocations to general preventative maintenance Phoneco can help. We can provide service & support on a wide range of systems including Samsung, Alcatel, Panasonic, NEC, Avaya, Commander and LG-Ericsson.
Mobile Service Connections
Whether you're looking for wireless email or simple voice communication, Telstra can help keep you productive and your staff responsive. Our exceptional range of mobile handsets provides a choice for every business need. Check out a large range of products.

These amazing handsets keep you connected to email, corporate data, appointments calendars, mobile internet and much more. Wherever you have Next G network coverage, a smart phone will keep you in business.
All Mobile Phones
Next G™ phones and smartphones to keep you and your staff connected - not just with the workplace but the world at large.
Telstra Data Solutions
Looking for dependable, flexible, business-grade networking services to help power your business?
No matter what you want, Telstra Business Broadband has the answer from robust, high speed internet access with 24/7 Australian-based support, to sophisticated networking and communication services that deliver better cost control and a competitive edge.

Business Broadband ADSL

Telstra Business Broadband is a business-grade service that takes full advantage of Telstra's ADSL High-Speed coverage.
Telstra Business Broadband offers:
24/7 Support
Australian-based, business-grade technical support is available around the clock..
Predictable performance
We won't slow your service down if you exceed your monthly allowance.
Unlimited uploads
Uploads won’t count towards your monthly usage plan.
Better cost control
We’ve capped our excess data fees.
Access to Customer Data
Our online service management and reporting tools.
Upgrade or downgrade your plan without penalty.
Plans can also include:
Telstra Business Broadband Ethernet
Telstra Business Broadband Ethernet provides a high-end broadband solution to help power your business communications, online applications, and special services like video conferencing. The key to our Ethernet plans is equally fast downloads and uploads, so essential information and files can be sent just as fast as your downloads are delivered. Carriage is via a dedicated business-only network and supported by Telstra's extensive networks and technical expertise.

All Telstra Business Broadband Ethernet plans include: